Eastland Sides with DGC Client

September 12, 2022 – In March 2022, the Eastland Court of Appeals sided with DGC client Evelyn Holcomb in a lawsuit over the meaning of a correction deed.  DGC Shareholders John A. “Jad” Davis and Julie L. Griffis represented Mrs. Holcomb in the trial court and before the Eastland court of appeals.  In the case, Mrs. Holcomb and Plaintiff executed a correction deed approximately two decades prior to suit being filed to correct a mineral reservation in a conveyance.  Plaintiff filed suit, seeking to take advantage of subsequently issued correction deed statutes, claiming that the correction deed between Mrs. Holcomb and Plaintiff did not comply with the statutes.  Eastland agreed with DGC that the correction deed complied with the statutes and was valid.  Follow the link below for the opinion of the Eastland Court of Appeals.

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