DGC Shareholder Shannon Ratliff Expands Role to Include More Mediations/Arbitrations

July 30, 2021 – Shannon Ratliff, a shareholder located in the Austin office of DGC, has enjoyed a 50 plus year trial and appellate career in complex business litigation. Over the years he has been asked by friends and acquaintances to employ his skills as an arbitrator and mediator. He now wants to expand that portion of his practice to make use of techniques developed in the course of trying and settling large complex cases. Mr. Ratliff is pleased to work on a variety of cases and finds his new expanded emphasis on mediations and arbitration very rewarding. “This is just another way to try to bring disputed matters to a firm conclusion and allow the parties to expend their energies on other more productive endeavors. It is very satisfying to be asked to participate in helping parties arrive at a satisfactory resolution,” Mr. Ratliff said.  

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