DGC Law • A results-driven law firm

DAVIS, GERALD & CREMER is a results-driven law firm that provides exceptional service to clients in the Permian Basin , the State Capital, and beyond. Our practice ranges from complex litigation to sophisticated oil and gas transactions. Inspired by the industry that helps define us, we bring LEGAL ENERGY to everything we do.

What Is Legal Energy?

A Statement from DGC Law shareholders about Legal Energy

Over the years, DGC Law has developed an approach to legal representation that emphasizes collaboration and execution. We get to know our clients, their businesses, and the issues they are facing. Then we tap into the expertise we have gathered to hone a strategy that works for both the client and the circumstances. By staying focused on the desired outcome and frequently communicating with our clients, we are able to serve them with energy and precision. At the same time, we remain open to possibilities and seize opportunities that benefit our clients. Throughout this process, lawyers at all levels of our firm make a contribution as we draw on our individual and collective talents, knowledge base, and creativity. The result is a focused yet flexible approach that capitalizes on teamwork and intensity. This is legal energy.